Shutters & Blinds

Shutters are a classic window treatment choice that go all the way back to the pilgrims settled at Plymouth rock. It started with solid panel shutters, offering privacy and protection from the elements, as time went on raised panels, louvered panel. Today they are all available, louvered panels 1 1/4", 1 7/8", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", & 4 1/2". Shutters are available with many options now tilt options are standard, hidden or invisible. Louvers can be traditional (most common) horizontal or vertical. Custom shutters with the available frames, shapes will compliment any room any style of room.

Custom shutters are available in hard wood, exotic wood, paint finish or stain finish.  You can also have a shutter made out of a composite material. Our design imaginist will help you design the perfect shutter for your situation. Just Imagine Design Inc., will not compromise price for quality.

We work with several of the top manufactures in the shutter industry. Our installation is performed by manufacture certified technicians ensuring you have the best fit, for your window.

Wood Blinds
Wood blinds are beautiful and will enhance the environment they are selected for. Wood blinds are available in both paint & stain finishes. If you have a unique hard to match color we can custom color your wood blind. The louvers are available in several sizes 1",2",2 3/8" & 2 1/2" Shutter slat. There are several operating options like cord tilt, wand tilt, cordless lift or motorized tilt.

The blinds are made from exceptional North American hardwoods that are sourced from responsibly managed forest.

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Solar Screens
Custom solar screens have many benefits for commercial & residential use. The solar screen is used to preserve your view and cut down on heat and glare that come through the glass. Solar screens are available in several different open factors, the 1% will offer you just about total privacy allowing you to see movement through the product, but not making out details. Then there is 3% and 5% those offer view while cutting down on heat and glare. For windows that don’t get direct light, heat or glare there is also 7%,10%, 12% & 14% open factors. Another great feature of the solar screen is during the day when the product is covering the window you can see out, however from outside looking in, you can’t see in. In the evening or overcast days you will be able to see in.

The solar screen shades are available as traditional roller shades with a clutch lifting system, often referred to continuous cord control it is a very reliable operating system, it allows you to have large units and operate it with ease. Put it up down stop it anywhere you want. You also have available cordless, automated (hard wired or battery) You can also select a fascia, or cassette style cover that will encase the solar screen roller shade so you are not looking at the roller itself and mounting hardware. It is usually color coordinated with the fabric selected.

The fabric is available in a multitude of colors, patterns and weaves. Most solar screen fabric is a vinyl polyester or a vinyl fiberglass making the product very durable and easy to clean. This product is just about maintenance free, manual operation or automated: limits on the shade will be set so it will not go up too far or come all the way down coming off the roller.

The solar screen or sheerweave fabric is not limited to just roller shades, it can also be made into panel track system, used as roman style shade hobbled or flat, can also be used in green house (curved windows).

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